Agile Change Master®

24-25-26 June 2023, Genova (IT)


21-22-23 August 2023, Genova (IT)

HTA® Change Master On-site is the Course that will enable you to understand, module and deliver the HTA® Change Management methodology within an Agile Project. This Cerification will allow you to learn the basis of the Agile and HTA® Methodologies, get Certified and lifetime personal access to HTA® Change Master Manual, Deliverables and Community Support anytime and anywhere.


Jane Smith, Salesforce

Fmr Program Manager of Human Centered Change

Rosa Metra, Change Works

HTA® Author and Change Works Owner


  • Agile Change Management
  • The Change Master®
      • Mindset
      • Manifesto
      • Skills
      • Framework
  • HTA® Agile Dive In
      • Agile Change Management Plan
      • Change Master® Scrum and Kanban
      • Incremental Communications, Readiness and Training
  • Agile Change Management Plan Hands On


3 Days Full Time Onsite



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Enrolled: 55 students
Duration: 16 hours
Lectures: 10
Level: Beginner